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We are collaborative, customer centric and believe in business agility to compete and thrive in the industry, while responding to our customers needs. We use our customers persona and customer journey mapping to understand our customers, while removing their pain points on all touch points.

We use all forms of consumer messaging communications: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger, phone calls, FAQs and above all, face to face, in a bid to get all your questions answered.

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Loiz Tours & Travels was founded in March 2013. The passion was borne out of the need by Nigerians to relieve anxiety and stress by embarking on a holiday and savouring a relaxing and beautiful experience to calm nerves and improve mental health. Loiz Tours & Travels has been actively helping customers plan and organise travel packages since 2013.

Led by IATA Certified International Travel Consultant, the company is a legend in the Nigerian travel industry with bespoke, exhilarating, adventurous, educative, relocation and fun-packed packages.

Advisory Services

Exclusive expert travel advise and assistance

Customer care and assistance by our Visa Facilitation/Renewal team

High quality travel services

Immigration advice for intended destination

Tracking of applications, updates and information regarding application status

Advisory services about documents requirements for particular destination

Referral to immigration lawyers and advisors


Any day or time, I will heartily recommend Loiz Tours & Travels to everyone because of their excellent, well-managed services. I was turned down twice before finally obtaining a student visa to the United Kingdom. I'm grateful to Loiz Tours & Travels for easing my travel experience


Benin City, Nigeria, January, 2024

I had a seamless application process with Loiz Tours and Travels Ltd. They made sure my documents were intact, my forms were properly filled and I had the privilege of experiencing their premium service, the staff that worked on my application was pleasant and I got a Schengen visa with my daughter and had a lovely trip and holiday to Belgium


Ibadan, Nigeria, October 2019

My application processing support with Loiz Tours and Travels was professionally handled. They helped me identify the right supporting documents and pointed me to the right quarters to get genuine documents for the category of documents I needed for additional proof. I was given a visiting visa to the United Kingdom on a virgin passport. They helped me kick-start my international travel history. I will highly recommend them


Lagos, Nigeria, June, 2022

I was issued a UK visa at first attempt through Loiz Tours & Travels. I was so overwhelmed with joy. Their expertise, customer relation services are top notch! Loiz Tours & Travels, you've got a client for life. I am super excited


Lagos, Nigeria, March 2020

Your service was highly professional from the first day with reliable and transparent advice. I strongly recommend Loiz Tours & Travels for anyone seeking professional advice


Abuja, Nigeria, June, 2022

Thanks to Loiz Tours & Travels, I was able to acquire a visa to the United States of America without any difficulty. The visa was facilitated by Loiz Tours & Travels. I also had a wonderful travel experience and everything was coordinated perfectly. Thank you for the opportunity.


Lagos, Nigeria, November, 2016.

It was my first international trip to attend a professional Conference in Spain and it was awesome. Thanks to Loiz Tours & Travels for the top-notch communication, excellent visa facilitation, packaging and well planned itinerary. I highly recommend them


Asaba, Nigeria, September 2016

I am an octogenarian and I am grateful to Loiz Tours and Travels for packaging my trip from Nigeria to Belgium to see my children and grandchildren. There is the general believe that Belgian visa is not easy to get but the facilitation was anchored by Loiz Tours & Travels and I was given. I am quite satisfied and has referred customers to them

Honourable Lucy

Edo State, Nigeria., November 2019

Our family holiday to the United States of America was packaged by Loiz Tours & Travels. We were given visas and had a swell time. We toured 10 American States all itineraries pre-planned by the indigenous Nigerian Company. Thanks Loiz Tours & Travels, you obviously have repeat customers here

Taiwo Family

Lagos, Nigeria, December 2015